VMware Tanzu is a part of the VMware Cloud Supplier Program and is on the coronary heart of the VMware Developer-Prepared Cloud. With Tanzu, developer productiveness and agility enhance – functions and Kubernetes clusters are deployed quickly throughout clouds and on-prem. Tanzu helps personas like Devs and DevOps automate the provisioning of Kubernetes clusters and develop and launch apps shortly.

As a part of the VMware Cloud Supplier Program, Tanzu helps suppliers provide native Kubernetes expertise on high of vSphere to their prospects. The VMware Cloud Supplier program helps cloud suppliers develop their service choices with the VMware portfolio of companies and acquire a aggressive edge in opposition to their rivals.

How does Tanzu Primary metering and reporting work?

Tanzu Primary works with vSphere 7.0 or later, and it has been metered by Utilization Meter since model 4.3. Tanzu Primary is metered as a Flex Add-on at no further price for cloud suppliers.

What’s being reported is the Tanzu Primary VMs vRAM or CPU core utilization.

The Tanzu utilization based mostly on vRAM is calculated by computing the common billable vRAM of all VMs a part of the Namespace useful resource pool in a supervisor host cluster. The CPU core utilization is calculated by summing the variety of bodily cores throughout all hosts operating at the least one powered-on Tanzu-managed VM.

At the moment, solely Tanzu Primary utilization is mechanically reported within the VMware Commerce Portal. The utilization of different Tanzu editions must be manually submitted within the VMware Commerce Portal. Discuss with the VCPP Product Utilization Information to discover ways to do it.

Word: Tanzu utilization doesn’t embrace vSphere and different product usages. Tanzu utilization is reported individually.

What does the metering course of appear like?

To begin metering the Tanzu utilization in your knowledge heart, you will need to first add the vCenter Server, which has Tanzu enabled within the Utilization Meter internet utility. For Tanzu, it’s essential to choose its license version and what metric will likely be used to measure utilization. The choices are vRAM or CPU cores.

Determine 1: Tanzu configured for metering within the Utilization Meter internet utility

Word: After including the vCenter Server that has Tanzu enabled, within the “related merchandise” column on the vCenter web page even, it won’t present up if detected by Utilization Meter.

You possibly can swap between the vRAM metric and CPU cores metric at any time throughout the metering interval. If the metric modifications throughout the month, then the Month-to-month Utilization Report will seem with two traces, every with the Tanzu license version, the used metric, and the items detected for the interval by which the metric was in impact.

Word: A single Utilization Meter occasion is beneficial to meter a single Tanzu version. For datacenters utilizing totally different Tanzu editions, there needs to be a separate Utilization Meter set up for every used Tanzu version.

How does the Tanzu reporting work?

After Utilization Meter detects that Tanzu is enabled for a vCenter, it begins gathering utilization knowledge for it.

With Utilization Meter 4.4 and, solely Tanzu Primary utilization is reported.

Tanzu Primary utilization is reported by Utilization Perception and seems on the Cloud Accomplice Navigator portal underneath the Utilization tab. The reported utilization is aggregated by month, and a report bundle will be downloaded to examine how utilization has been calculated.

The stories that embrace data for Tanzu Primary utilization are the Month-to-month Utilization Report and Digital Machine Historical past Report.

Month-to-month Utilization Report

The Month-to-month Utilization Report reveals what the Tanzu utilization is for the reporting interval. It consists of data on the metric used to measure the utilization and the precise utilization in items. The Tanzu Primary utilization is all the time reported as a standalone line merchandise within the Month-to-month Utilization Report.

The report under reveals two traces with Tanzu Primary utilization calculated based mostly on vRAM and CPU cores. Which means the Utilization Meter administrator has registered a single Tanzu Primary-enabled vCenter and switched between the vRAM metric and CPU core metric throughout the metering interval.

Determine 2: Tanzu Primary utilization displayed in Cloud Accomplice Navigator

Digital Machine Historical past Report

To examine in case your Tanzu Primary vRAM utilization is appropriately proven on the Month-to-month Utilization Report, you’ll be able to confer with the Digital Machine Historical past Report (a part of the Utilization Perception report bundle)

The next VMs are reported within the Digital Machine Historical past Report: supervisor VMs, POD VMs, and TKG VMs.

The column “vmType” within the Digital Machine Historical past report signifies the VM varieties which are Tanzu-related.

vmType Translation
SUP Supervisor VM
TKG VMs created by vSphere Tanzu Kubernetes Grid service
OTHERS VMs that aren’t categorized as SUP, POD or TKG
Desk 1: Forms of Tanzu VMs

See an instance under:

Calculating the Tanzu Primary utilization based mostly on vRAM

The best way to calculate your Tanzu utilization with the vRAM metric is:

  1. Filter the vmType column within the VM Historical past Report to incorporate solely Tanzu-related VMs (exclude Others).
  2. Sum up all of the entries within the MB-Hours column within the VM Historical past Report.
  3. Convert the sum to GB by dividing it by 1024.
  4. Lastly, divide the consequence by the full hours in a month.
  5. Spherical down the consequence to the closest complete quantity.

Now you can examine the consequence with the one proven within the Month-to-month Utilization Report.

Right here is the Excel system for calculating the Tanzu Primary vRAM utilization:

RoundDown(SUM(MB-Hours of Tanzu-related VMs)/1024/24/31;0))

See an instance under for calculated Tanzu Primary vRAM utilization for April.

Determine 3: Tanzu Primary vRAM utilization calculated within the Digital Machine Historical past Report

Calculating the Tanzu Primary utilization based mostly on CPU cores

The host CPU core utilization is captured by Utilization Meter from vCenter. That data seems aggregated within the Month-to-month Utilization Report however is at the moment unavailable by VM within the VM Historical past Report. A workaround is to go to vSphere and compute all bodily CPU cores of all hosts with at the least one powered-on Tanzu Primary-related VM for the metering interval.

Right here is the system for the aggregated Tanzu utilization by CPU cores:

Time-based common of host CPU core rely = Host CPU Cores *Variety of Days within the Month

For instance, if there may be at the least one powered-on VM operating on a number with 12 CPU cores for any of the 15 days in 30 days, this host will likely be billed with a median host CPU core rely of 6 (12 * (1/2) = 6).

Word: Even when there’s a modified or added/positioned into migration mode host, the host is metered for the period the place there may be at the least one powered-on Tanzu Primary-related VM.


Though Utilization Meter 4.4 and can solely report Tanzu Primary, extra Tanzu editions will likely be reported sooner or later. Keep tuned for what’s subsequent for Tanzu metering with Utilization Meter!

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